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All-In-One website promotion software for software developer will help you to drive Guaranteed traffic to your website in no time


  • Search up-to-date software download sites sort by Page Rank
  • bulit in web browser
  • software manager
  • Shareware Sites manager
  • Black Sites manager

Important - Website Submission Software requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater and Windows /XP/Vista for proper function

Search software download sites

What's the best software submission solution? In Website submission shareware, It's simple

  1. Switch "Temp_Sites" tab Window

  2. Right-clickin on the grid, select "Get Yahoo Inbound Links" on the context menu

  3. Enter you competitor's homepage, e.g.

  4. Click "Process" button

    You will get many sites that linking to

    • Sites id that in "Shareware_Sites" table or "Black_Sites" table have been filtered
    • Same site many pages linking to, the shortest URL is valid
    • Website submission Shareware (Lite) version limit to 5 results
  5. filter results

    • Remove Record

      If a site is not a shareware download sites, you may select the record then click "Remove Record" on button bar to remove it

    • Move to Shareware Sites List

      If a site is a valid shareware download site, you may select "Move to Shareware Sites List"

    • Move to Black Sites List

      If a sites is a "bad" shareware download site, you may select "Move to Black Sites List"

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